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Anaeko simplifies analytics for business leaders by providing easy-to-engage analytics services that avoid technical jargon and reduce time-to-value by focussing on rapid reporting delivered by an expert team. Submit your details to get an Anaeko integrated analytics quote.


  • Design, develop and deliver analytics roadmap
  • User centred analytics solutions
  • Data modelling and transformation
  • Iterative approach to understand, analyse and rapid prototyping
  • High performance data transformation and analysis
  • Vendor agnostic, multi cloud integration experience
  • Automated metadata extraction, curation and enhancement
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Automated testing and reporting


  • Gain instant insights from data you have
  • Report Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from operational noise
  • Derive deep learning on operational and business drivers
  • Project future trends from existing data
  • Measure and improve performance against business targets
  • Identify new opportunities