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Anaeko Announces 15 New Jobs

17 Nov 2016 by Emma Foster 1 minute read

Economy Minister Simon Hamilton MLA has announced Anaeko Ltd is to create 15 highly skilled software engineering jobs in Belfast.

November 17, 2016

For the past decade Anaeko has innovated on behalf of global technology companies in the fields of mobile computing, social media, cloud computing, big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Anaeko Announces 15 New Jobs

Pictured with the Economy Minister Simon Hamilton at the Anaeko company offices in Weavers Court is Denis Murphy, CEO of Anaeko.

Commenting on the new jobs, the Minister said:

Anaeko plans to capitalise on the significant opportunities it has identified by recruiting skilled and experienced staff to further develop and deliver its cloud technology products and services. The company is experiencing unprecedented growth in the areas of Software-Defined Storage, Enterprise Cloud Platforms and Cloud Monitoring. The creation of these 15 highly paid new jobs represents an ambitious step for this innovative company who already enjoy an excellent reputation in their field.

I am pleased Invest Northern Ireland has supported Anaeko’s expansion in Belfast with the offer of an Employment Grant of £105,000. These new posts will be a combination of engineers, developers, systems architects and senior managers with average salaries of £44,000 generating £655,000 a year for the local economy.

Anaeko’s CEO Denis Murphy said:

Over the years, we have developed hundreds of disruptive technology products and solutions for start-ups and multi-billion dollar companies alike. Our strategy to focus on the fastest growing cloud technologies leverages our unique competencies in these rapidly expanding markets.

With Invest Northern Ireland’s support we are moving quickly to put in place a highly skilled workforce that will enable us to grow our share of the Software Defined Storage, Enterprise Cloud Platforms and Cloud Monitoring markets.

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