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Mike O'Boyle

An experienced and passionate Senior Manager leading teams in Product, Sales, Professional services, Marketing and Sales Engineering throughout a global footprint.
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Challenges and Benefits of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics

21 Jun 2024 by Mike O'Boyle 5 minute read

Challenges in Supply Chain and Logistics

There are many challenges in the supply chain business, and depending on where you are in that supply chain, you each have your own set of challenges. However, there are primarily some top overriding ones: fuel and safety are right at the top of that list. For connected, but still different reasons, safety and the overall health of the workforce itself trumps absolutely everything.

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Data Sharing for Sustainable Transport: working towards a greener planet using data-driven approaches.

25 Apr 2024 by Mike O'Boyle 6 minute read

Catch up on our recent webinar focused on sustainability within the transport sector. This is the first in a three part blog series that captures the discussions from the webinar.

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