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Anaeko tackle data and AI for Digital Leaders Innovation Week 2022

18 Nov 2022 by Tim Bassett 2 minute read

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This week as the Northern Ireland ambassadors for Digital Leaders, Anaeko Data Engineering hosted a keynote and fireside panel event as part of Innovation Week 2022. The event looked at Accelerating Northern Ireland’s Data and AI Opportunity with a follow up panel looking at what obstacles may prevent such accelerated innovation from occurring.  The keynote was hosted by Roger Woods, Dean of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queens University. Later in the session he was joined by Lauren Stephens, Lead Data Scientist at Analytics Engines and Stormharvester COO Jonathan Lavercombe. Anaeko CTO Colm Hayden compered the event, leading the fireside panel discussion and introducing our elected speakers.


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Digital Leaders is a shared professional online space and face-to-face programme, for leaders across all sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. In the UK they are the premier digital leadership platform with 12 regional programmes, expert opinion and networking for a growing cross-sector community of over 180,000 leaders.

With the aim to build the capacity of the UK’s leadership creating effective digital leaders, raising awareness of the importance of good leadership in digital transformation, highlighting the digital challenges the UK faces and raising the profile of digital solutions that work across all sectors.




Innovation Week is a virtual summit to share case studies. know-how and proven methodologies to help you innovate in your organisation and beyond. Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage. Innovation is difficult for well-established organisations. As a Digital Leader managing, leading and promoting innovation is an important skill that can deliver game-changing creativity. Hard as it is for organisations to innovate, some do.


If you missed our keynote and panel session, you can access them now on replay by following the links below;

Part 1 | Accelerating Northern Ireland’s Data and AI Opportunity | https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/part-1-accelerating-northern-irelands-data-and-ai-opportunity/

Part 2 | Overcoming Obstacles to Northern Ireland’s Data and AI Opportunity | https://innovation-week.digileaders.com/talks/part-2-overcoming-obstacles-to-northern-irelands-data-and-ai-opportunity/



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