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RECAP: Digital Leaders Public Sector Insight Week 2023

30 Mar 2023 by Tim Bassett 4 minute read

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In March we partnered with Digital Leaders to celebrate Public Sector Insight Week 2023. Anaeko Data Engineering have supported Digital Leaders for many years, and as Northern Ireland's ambassadors we are so pleased to have been able to support so many fantastic events in celebration.

With over 100 free talks to discover more about the digital transformation of public services in the UK, Public Sector Insight Week provides the perfect opportunity to learn best practice, hear practical solutions, and absorb the latest thought leadership from the sector. If you weren't able to attend this years events, we thought we would break them down for you.


Anaeko Partner Event | Accelerating Public Sector Innovation through Private Partnership

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As Digital Leaders ambassadors for Northern Ireland, Anaeko brings together leaders from across the region to explore the importance of Public Private Partnership to Northern Ireland.

This online event helps kick-off Public Sector Innovation Week, a programme of online and in-person thought-leadership events across the UK.

We will open with a keynote speech from Department of Finance's Senior Digital Leader, Dave Vincent, followed by an interactive discussion with panel comprised of Global System Integrators, Industry Analysts, Business Cluster Advisors and innovative SMEs including Colm Hayden, CTO Anaeko and Conor O’Donnell from DAERA and Ian Savage, CEO & Founder of SureCert.

Attendees should expect thought-provoking insights and strong opinions that challenge the status quo, along with the networking opportunity to speak with a packed audience of movers and shakers across the UK.

You can catch up now: https://publicsectorinsight.digileaders.com/talks/accelerating-public-sector-innovation-through-private-partnership/


Public Sector Innovation Conference | RSA London 

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This year in the face of rapid improvements in the capabilities of emerging technologies, Digital Leaders wanted to look towards the future. In principle, emerging technologies - such as AI, automation, edge computing, distributed ledger, AR/VR, advanced analytics, geolocation services, etc - offer the potential for our public services to become much smarter, eliminate traditional organisational silos, and automate large amounts of transactional processes that could free up time and resource for more publically valuable activities. 

In view of the rapid acceleration in the scope, scale, and impact of such technologies, we suggest that it is time that public innovators engaged focally with ‘emerging tech’.  Can Public Services in their current form take advantage of these new technologies?  What sort of central challenges do such technologies present for the way in which our public services are currently organised and run? These questions come at a time when there is a £55bn deficit to be tackled.

Accordingly, the conference sought to engage with the possibilities such technologies may offer to move beyond ‘another redesign’ of our public services, to embrace more fundamental innovation in our understanding of what public services should be doing for us, and how they should be doing it.   

Find Out More | https://www.psi-conference.co.uk/


Digital Leaders Impact Awards 2023 

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The Digital Leaders Impact Awards celebrate the digital technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. The awards are open to any person, business, government or non-profit creating or delivering digital products or services for positive social impact.

At this years event, Anaeko sponsored the health tech category and was very pleased to award, C2-Ai with the accolade. The award winners have conducted over 30 years of research and have subsequently developed, tested, and proven unique clinical Artificial intelligence (Ai)-backed systems that help hospitals and health systems, worldwide, demonstrably reduce avoidable harm, mortality, and cost.  


In closing, this years Public Sector Insight Week, highlighted the progress and continued innovation present across the Public Sector. We look forward to next year.

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