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Generation Innovation 2022 - Anaeko Supports the Next Generation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

18 May 2022 by Tim Bassett 2 minute read

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Generation Innovation aims to inform, upskill and empower the young people of the current generation to thrive as the next leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. And Anaeko is proud to support this event founded by Catalyst by offering resources for their work experience programme 2022.


The initiative energises the imaginations and aspirations of young people in Northern Ireland by increasing their knowledge of 21st-century skills and awareness of future careers in innovation. The ethos of the program believes that young people are central to unlocking Northern Ireland’s future as a globally renowned knowledge economy. That’s why we put them at the heart of our inspirational community of entrepreneurs, companies and education leaders.


The work experience programme is for ambitious 17–18-year-olds interested in up-skilling for the jobs of the future. Students receive Design Thinking training over the course of five days, learning how to work as part of a new team made up of students from across Northern Ireland. The new skills are then put to the test by solving a company challenge by developing a solution, before pitching it to the partner company and their fellow students.


The 2022 Programme will engage with 600 students in June for an in-person work experience programme delivered across three locations, working with some of the most successful and dynamic companies in Northern Ireland including Anaeko.


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