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Speaking at the launch of the Whisple Application Platform, Colm Hayden, CTO today announced the availability of Anaeko’s Cloud Application Services.

24 Feb 2012 by Amanda 1 minute read

 Key speakers at the event Martin Hand, VMWare, Bill McClugage, EMC, Colm Hayden, Anaeko and

Dermot Walsh, Whisple Cloud Services.

Anaeko's  Cloud Application Readiness Assessment Service

This service entails specialist consultancy from a vFabric expert on how to port your existing applications to vFabric and onto the Whisple Cloud Application Platform.

This personalised package involves an evaluation of your current application architecture and the production of a Cloud Application Readiness report outlining the steps necessary to port your application from its current environment to the Whisple Cloud Application Platform. The assessment represents the quickest and most cost effective way to get your application on to the Whisple Cloud Services Marketplace.

Anaeko's Cloud Application Development Support  Service

 This service entails the custom development of cloud applications specifically designed for the Whisple Cloud Application Platform.

This outsourced development package is delivered by vFarbric Spring experts and is designed to complement any existing development capabilities. The package delivers a Cloud Application Technical Architecture , backed by an expert vFabric application development team.

The Whisple Application Platform is an application development and deployment platform which is provided as a service to customers and members of Whisple Cloud Services.  Built on the latest Spring/vFabric technology from VMware, the platform will enable developers to build, scale and run data-intensive cloud applications on the Whisple Cloud Services Infrastructure. This means they can take their ideas for an App and develop, build and test before they need to invest in bringing the App to the marketplace.


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