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Supporting the health service in Northern Ireland with digital care

13 May 2022 by Tim Bassett 3 minute read

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There is a crisis in healthcare in Northern Ireland with longer waiting lists for surgery and crowding in emergency departments. Digital health technology has enormous potential to support service improvements that could save lives and improve outcomes for many patients. Northern Ireland has a substantial reservoir of innovative companies and health professionals.


As a company that works with data in the health tech sector, Anaeko has taken this call to action, and in partnership with Digital Care Systems and supported by HIRANI we have organised an event to deep dive into how we can support the health service in Northern Ireland with their digital care

Pressure on the NHS is increasing, the time to collaborate is now. Leveraging the potential of digital care requires a collaborative and outcomes-based ecosystem. 

This event will comprise of two sessions, one will look at urgent and emergency care, with Dr A Diamond ( Consultant in Emergency Medicine). And a second session looking at elective surgical services with a chair yet TBC.


Why do we need to do this?

  1. Local industry has the knowledge and skills to support rapid implementation of solutions for demonstrable patient benefit.
  2. Clinical professionals are a vital source of expertise for innovation. Their knowledge of work as done is critical for development of useful and useable solutions.

  3. Patients are critical in validation of solutions from the earliest stage of development.
  4. Discussion between key stakeholders can lead to significant collaboration for patient benefit


Event Outline


• Hosted at the Grand Central Hotel, Belfast on the 25th May from 9.30am to 1700. Two half day sessions. 


• Each session will be opened & chaired by senior clinical leader / problem owner. The chair will outline the challenges in their clinical area / service. 


• There will then be time for a series of short presentations to the panel & other delegates. Interest parties can submit a proposal using the link below. 


• Presenters will have at least 10mins, depending on number of presentations, to outline how their technology / idea could support elective or emergency care. 


• The session will close with a 20-30 min panel discussion & feedback. The panel will consist of patients, health professionals and digital care experts from wide background. A provisional schedule is available at this link. 



Whats next? 


For more information & registration: https://forms.office.com/r/YwdkYVaLrY

You can also email info@digitalcaresystems.com 


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