Why regulatory compliance company Regtick trusted AWS partner Anaeko to accelerate their product roadmap

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With over 25 years experience delivering complex regulatory change programmes in many of the world's leading financial institutions, RegTick have seen first-hand the importance of complete, accurate, secure and timely access to compliance information. They have taken all this know-how and built it into a cloud-based regulatory compliance platform. Their vision is a world where legal, compliance and regulatory tasks are no longer an after-thought but are seen as a critical enabler of competitive advantage for organisations. RegTick continually harness the full potential of compliance innovation to enable a new era of development, growth, and productivity.




To build a scalable, secure multi-tenant SAAS platform enabling Regtick to:


  • Contained a flexible library function to enable automation of standards compliance.


  • Controlled the ability to perform actions and access data at a role and user level.


  • Recorded platform activities for auditing purposes in line compliance of regulations.


  • Automated status reporting so that users could focus on working on rather than reporting.


  • Ensured security and data integrity.


  • Demonstrate the solution to customers and win reference clients


  • Maintain and enhance the platform easily and efficiently.





The Anaeko solution was to build a multi-tenant SaaS offering on a public cloud which could be deployed as required. The AWS public cloud was initially chosen to host the platform, however careful design ensured it could be moved to any other public or private cloud offering with minimal additional effort. 


There was particular focus on the user experience (UX) to ensure intuitive and consistent workflows were readily available. Detailed user mapping exercises were undertaken by the team to understand the pathways a user might take. The UI was instrumented to capture data on how users interacted with the system, revealing which areas they found difficult to use.


“I’d say the greatest benefit is that Anaeko has been an incubator for our platform, and this enabled us to focus on functionality from Day 1.  We didn't have to set ourselves up as a fully-fledged software engineering practice first, so we were able to do this in parallel, and with support.  This incubation materialised in the form of development tooling (third party libraries, source code repos, backlog managers, wikis), dev and test environments, and of course people (developers, scrum masters, solution architects), and some of our core architectural foundations were established early on in our partnership with Anaeko.  Taken collectively, these benefits have both accelerated and de-risked the development of our platform, and our journey to market.”


Adrian Hall, CTO, Regtick





  1. Combining the domain knowledge of Regtick with the software expertise of Anaeko enabled the rapid development of an award-winning platform.


  1. The design of the overall solution works in multiple environments, with an initial AWS implementation. Easy integration allows the system to scale and grow rapidly regardless of the target deployment environment.


  1. Building on the AWS solution stack allowed the focus to be on the application logic and UX experience rather than re-inventing the wheel.


  1. Security was built in from the very early stages of design.


  1. Using Anaeko’s cloud expertise and best practice DevOps ensures predictable deployments of validated software while minimizing manual overheads. This is achieved through the use of CI/CD deployment pipelines and incorporating automated validation as part of the solution.

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