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5 ways to Prevent Integration slowing your Digital Transformation

18 Feb 2019 by Anaeko 2 minute read

Any business or department can be defined by two things; strategy and processes. A strategy defines how an organisation succeeds, and processes are the operationalisation of that strategy; how a department buys, how it builds, how it sells. The trouble is, processes are complex, interdependent and often unpredictable – so even if a strategy is perfect, poorly executed processes will be your business’s downfall. 


Enterprise software exists to help businesses and departments optimise its processes; yet this software does not solve the problem of complexity, interdependency and unpredictability for end-to-end processes. Your software needs to communicate so that these processes can be optimised and automated to let you focus on strategy.


Anaeko knows integration, here are some useful tips:

  • Integration between business applications can lead to complex many-to-many relationships – if one connection breaks, it could have detrimental knock-on effects that are hard to diagnose. Have a single cloud connection for each application.
  • If an application is business critical, then its integration should be treated with criticality.
  • Embrace the cloud. Cloud technology allows you to have one central console to deploy, manage, monitor and orchestrate your entire software stack.
  • Technology is supposed to accelerate business, not slow it down. Don’t let long integration cycles be your undoing.
  • Integration needs Specialists; Integration is what Anaeko does best so that you can focus on what you do best.












Hybrid Cloud Integration Datasheet

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