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Anaeko are now a Proud Supporter of Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

30 Apr 2019 by Anaeko 1 minute read

Young Enterprise Northern Ireland or YENI are a leading enterprise education charity in NI. This charity is committed to providing every young person with the opportunity to develop and explore entrepreneurial skills for the 21st century and prepare them for the modern economy.



Young Enterprise

Most young people growing up will have experienced some exposure to young enterprise, it was a chance for pupils to look outside the school curriculum and step into the business world. YENI is a practical brainstorm enabling pupils to think about a gap in the market, the demand and supply for particular products/services, and the roadmap of that product/service.


Personal Experience

Speaking from personal experience, an employee within Anaeko recalls her own experience saying,

" Young Enterprise gave us a chance to conduct primary research, we walked around a mall asking people what they thought of our product. As 16 years old this was the most daunting task we'd ever encountered that wouldn't be marked on. But this exposure I believe improved our confidence, aspiration of the product and our professional approach."


Official Supporter

Anaeko are proud to be an official supporter of this great cause. We are a company that believe in the development of young people, and have seen firsthand the experience young enterprise has had on individuals and are very happy to continue supporting it.


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