Anaeko are thrilled to announce we are now part of the Digital Marketplace!

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Anaeko have now joined the Digital Marketplace under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (DOS3) framework. What is the Digital Marketplace? This platform was developed to help those transforming public services by making it simpler, clearer and faster for them to buy what they need. This DOS3 framework enables public sector organisations, agencies and arm's length bodies to find specialist individuals and teams who can work on digital projects throughout the public sector!

Anaeko are focusing on two lots within the Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework, they are

● Lot 1: digital outcomes

● Lot 2: digital specialists


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What is Digital Outcomes?

So, a Digital outcomes supplier provides teams to research, test, build, release, iterate, support or retire a digital service. 

Suppliers must:

● work according to the technology code of practice (

● work according to the government service design manual (

● understand what it means to work on one of the discovery, alpha, beta, live or retirement phases described in the government service design manual (


What is a Digital Specialists?woman

On the other hand, a Digital specialists supplier provides government departments and teams with individual expertise to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project. The scope and deliverables will be defined by the Buyer.

Suppliers must:

● take direct contractual responsibility and full accountability for delivery of the service and the work undertaken by the specialist they provide.

● offer evidence of competence in each role if requested by the Buyer.

● ensure all roles support the government service design manual’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 Framework Agreement - version RM1043.5 – 28/09/2018 Page 6 of 51 ( description of what you need to build a successful service


What services will Anaeko be providing through the digital marketplace?

Anaeko are providing multi-skilled Agile teams and specialists covering the following roles and expertise;

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● business analyst                                                                                                  ● performance analyst

● data architect                                                                                                       ● portfolio manager

● data engineer                                                                                                       ● product manager

● data scientist                                                                                                        ● programme delivery manager

● delivery manager or project manager                                                               ● quality assurance analyst

● designer                                                                                                                ● service manager

● developer                                                                                                              ● technical architect



If you are looking for a service in any of the above roles, or want to find out more, simply log in to your account through Digital Marketplace or find us on the G-Cloud Framework.

G-Cloud 10 Framework


If you would like to find out more, book a free session/call with us to see how we can help you! 

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In the meantime, download our latest datasheet on Anaeko Cloud Integration Services:-

Cloud Integration Services

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