Anaeko Demonstrates Service Level Management Product for Shared Services at Think G-Cloud, London

22 Jun 2014 by Emma Foster 3 minute read

As Anaeko is on the run up to presenting at Think G-Cloud in London later this month on the 18th June at the Business Design Centre, Islington, the buzz around what Anaeko can bring to shared services providers is building!


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Software company Anaeko will demonstrate how its G-Cloud listed ServiceClarity solution helps government bodies to improve service and reduce costs of their shared services organizations with actionable key performance indicator reporting.

Anaeko, the IT service management software company, is exhibiting at the Think G-Cloud event in London on June 18. This conference draws together leading technology strategists from across government with a strong interest in G-Cloud - the UK Government's programme designed to change how the public sector procures and operates ICT.

Anaeko's ServiceClarity solution helps organisations monitor, manage and automate large IT environments. This is especially critical to government which is trying to 'join-up' services across departments and local authorities through shared services initiatives. Shared services promise lower cost and better quality of service for citizens. However, they can also introduce significant complexity into the IT Service environment.

According to Colm Hayden, Anaeko's CTO, "Our solution - available from G-Cloud - allows government organisations to quickly implement stakeholder reporting across shared services environments. The delivery of shared services requires a myriad of operational tools and processes to manage the complex service environment. It's often a struggle to make sense of the metrics collected by these tools. ServiceClarity from Anaeko combines these low-level metrics into simple actionable, business-level KPIs at governance, partner, management or customer level. This means that the shared service provider can focus on service objectives - thereby ensuring that users get consistent quality of service and managers can drive continual service improvement and cost reduction. This is increasingly important given the government's commitment to efficiency and reform."

Attendees at Think G-Cloud will be able to better understand how by implementing shared service stakeholder reporting they can drive continual service improvement and reduce the costs of shared service organizations.

Delegates will also get the chance to meet members of Anaeko's professional services team that can support cloud data integration projects. The team focuses on IT process automation and cloud application development that supports social and mobile citizen interaction across a myriad of touch-points and devices.

About Anaeko

Anaeko is an IT service management (ITSM) software company with a focus on solving the service management and reporting issues of large organizations. The company delivers tailored software products and solutions that help these organizations maximise business benefits from large investments particularly in hybrid environments that combine on-premise, private cloud and public cloud resources.

ServiceClarity is Anaeko's service management product suite for hybrid environments. The product suite includes Service Catalogue, Service Level Management and IT Financial Management. It enables the definition, cataloguing, monitoring/review and reporting of services and key performance indicators associated with them. This helps with the achievement of service level agreements (SLAs) between all stakeholders. ServiceClarity is a Software-as-a-Service product that reduces the operational overheads associated with benchmarking, monitoring and reporting on service levels and helps drive continual service improvement.

Anaeko has a world class consulting practice focused on IT process automation in which commonly executed IT processes are automated to reduce operational cost, apply best practice and improve service delivery. Anaeko delivers this consultancy around products from vendors including Microsoft and VMware and integrating products from vendors including HP, IBM, BMC and CA. Anaeko has delivered consultancy on the largest IT process automation project in the world for a UK Government department and has developed a range of plugins to market leading ITSM products for Microsoft's IT process automation product, System Center Orchestrator.

In addition to our ITSM specialization, Anaeko provides a range of outsourced software development, system integration and data integration services.


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Anaeko provides flexible analytics services tailored to organizational needs. For organizations starting with analytics we provide Analytics Accelerators, maximising current infrastructure and resulting in Proof of Value analytical reports. For established projects, we build scalable information architectures and optimise these for volume, variety and veracity at a truly National scale.

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