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Anaeko hosts itSMF event 27th April 2012 , CTO presents on ‘ The impact of as-a-Service models on Service Level Management ‘

25 Apr 2012 by Emma Foster 3 minute read



When: 27/04/2012

Where: Anaeko, Weavers Court Business Park, LinField Road, Belfast

Start Time: 09:30 AM

End Time:  15:30 PM

Our first event for 2012 will feature good opportunities for networking with your ITSM peers based in the Northern Ireland Region and includes presentations covering the areas of Service Level Management, Performance Management & Configuration Management from local members.There will also be an update from the itSMF UK Office with up to date news on new initiatives.

Service Level Management is often perceived as a stick to beat ICT with.

In fact, for organisations who implement good SLM, it does quite the opposite, underpinning many other service management processes.

Good SLM allows for better informed business decisions, improved management of resources and staff workloads, and improved levels of service. It can also be used to support requests for changes in resources, demonstrate the valuable contribution of ICT and IT Service Management, and change business behaviours.

Performance Management is a key area to allow the business to monitor and manage the business more effectively and is a holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including, in particular, learning and development. But for this very reason, it is complex and capable of being misunderstood.

Configuration Management is primarily focused on maintaining information (i.e., configurations) about Configuration Items (i.e., assets) required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships. Configuration management is the management and traceability of every aspect of a configuration from beginning to end and it includes the following key process areas under its umbrella: Identification, Planning, Change Control, Change Management, Release Management, and Maintenance.

  • Colm Hayden from our hosts Anaeko has presented at technology conferences globally, is a regular contributor to itSMF seminars and events in the both UK and Ireland, and now gets a chance to talk to speak locally on “The Impact of as-a-Service models on Service Level Management”
  • Hengameh Smyth from IT Assist started life as an architect and somehow found her way into the world of ICT, and has gained extensive experience in Business Relationship and Service Level Management. Managing improvements to IT Services and Processes is her real passion and she believes in the core principals of:
    • You cannot manage what you cannot control
    • You cannot control what you cannot measure
    • You cannot measure what you can not define.
    • To overcome the above challenges, IT Assist is now implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) platform to automate the production of performance management reporting by aggregating data from multiple silos and thus enabling better decision making
  • Dave Barron from Allied Irish Bank will offer a personal view on his organisation’s Configuration Management Journey, a topic that a number of members locally have previously registered their interest in. He is experienced in all matters ITIL and ISO2000, and is a committee member of the Irish chapter of itSMF.

If you are not currently a itSMF UK membership holder please register to attend this event.

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