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Anaeko’s ServiceClarity now on UK Government Cloudstore

19 Nov 2012 by Emma Foster 3 minute read



Anaeko’s ServiceClarity now offers government departments and agencies a cost effective method of maximising business benefit from the move to the cloud.

Anaeko, the IT Service Management software firm, today announced that its ServiceClarity Solution is available via the UK Government’s Cloudstore , just enter the cloud store and search Anaeko.

Cloudstore is a key part of the UK Government’s ICT Strategy.  It allows government departments, local authorities and the wider UK public sector to introduce cloud based ICT services.  Services available on the cloudstore have been procured under Official Journal of the EU processes.  Departments or other public sector bodies can then make use of the approved services in the Cloudstore on an as-needed basis.

Anaeko’s ServiceClarity solution now enables public bodies to maximise the business benefits of  cloud services.  The public sector, in common with many commercial organisations, is now making much greater use of cloud based ICT in order to more rapidly deliver services.  However, in moving to the cloud there is a risk that services provided by third party organisations fail to meet required service levels.  The ServiceClarity solution allows a clear definition of a service and a clear definition of the expected business benefit. The product then allows a series of the associated key performance indicators to be monitored in real-time – meaning that quality of hybrid cloud services can be monitored from a single dashboard and cloud based platform.

According to Colm Hayden, Anaeko’s CTO, “This marks a kind of coming of age of cloud computing in the UK government.  Cloud is accepted as a way forward for ICT in government.  However, cloud services need to be monitored in the same way as internal IT services used to be monitored in the past.  Increasingly business processes depend on individual cloud components – like cogs in an engine.  Therefore if these cogs aren’t monitored for performance how can managers be certain which components are failing?  ServiceClarity provides that degree of granularity – and managers can choose to measure a modest number of key performance indicators for simple cloud solutions – to many dozens for larger, more complex cloud based solutions.”

For further information about the Cloudstore and to order the ServiceClarity solution public sector mangers should visit http://gcloud.civilservice.gov.uk/cloudstore/.

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About Anaeko

Anaeko is an IT Service Management software company that helps make the process of moving to the Cloud easier for large organizations and public sector bodies. The company delivers tailored software products and solutions that help these organizations monitor and manage large IT environments, particularly hybrid environments that combine on-premise, private cloud and public cloud resources.

About ServiceClarity (www.serviceclarity.com)

ServiceClarity is Anaeko’s Service Management product for Hybrid environments. It enables the definition, monitoring and review of services and the Key Performance Indicators associated with them, as outlined in service level agreements between the service providers and the service user.

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